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The Sofia Stairlift
Sofia: Support and comfort

A graceful stairlift designed to provide you with lumbar support as you glide up your stairs in comfort and safety.

Let your stairlift help you use your straight or curved stairs in complete comfort. The lumbar support of the Sofia means you don’t even think about your posture as you settle into your chair. It supports you in all the right places.

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What do you get from your Sofia?

A well-planned, well-designed result of careful research and a keen interest in what our customers need. The Sofia is more than a stairlift, it’s a comfortable chair you can enjoy using – with the added benefit that it transports you to areas of your house you might have difficulty getting to otherwise.

Thoughtful design

Each and every one of our stairlifts is built to meet your wants and needs. As you explore our range you can see the unique features of each of our stairlifts and how they were built to help with your daily living. The Sofia was designed to help you sit comfortably. Lumbar support helps promote good posture, supporting you firmly and comfortably.

Design is about comfort, but it’s also about the look of your stairlift. That’s why we’ve given you 12 options of upholstery to choose from, to really make your stairlift your own.

Exceptional engineering

The style and comfort features of the Sofia are only some of the reasons why this chair has helped thousands of people around the world get their independence back. The other reasons are thanks to the hard work of our highly skilled engineers who have put years of research behind the product you see today. Stannah engineers have made sure that:

  • Your Sofia will never let you down, not even in a power cut.
  • Your Sofia glides smoothly, quietly, up or down your stairs at the push of a lever.
  • The Sofia has 10 safety sensors. If there’s anything in its path, it’ll come to a gentle stop.
  • The foot and armrests flip down with the seat. One smooth action and you’re ready to go.
  • Your stairlift is fitted with an ergonomic seat belt. You can do it up with one hand.
  • The controllers are easy to use. Use your hand or wrist to push in the direction you want to go and you’re safely on your way.
  • Important features like the footrest fold button mean that unlike other appliances, there’s no bending or lifting involved at all.
  • You even have the option of getting a Sofia that turns on its own at the top or bottom of the stairs to let you off in complete safety.

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